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Like the little old Asian guy who sat on a HOT spring day, in his car, chain smoking, with the windows up and AC off, waiting for me to bring his car in to do an oil change and tire rotation.
I open the door, he gets out, and I get in. Once the gagging and gasping for air stopped, I pulled the car in, head out the window trying not to vomit from the smell, and do the tire rotation and oil change.

Customer takes the car when I am done, comes back in complaining of a vibration in the steering wheel. I have evidently tightened the lug nuts too much. (this is this morons logic of why he now has a vibration)
We explain to him that his tires are pretty old, and look like they haven't been rotated in a while, so the vibration is most likely from an unevenly worn tire or an out of balance tire, and that since that tire was on the rear, he wouldn't have noticed it before.

He says no, I tightened his lug nuts too much. I pull up the TQ specs, and SHOW HIM what they are supposed to be, then show him the TQ stick I used to tighten them.

Not good enough. I tightened them too much.

I take him out to the car, put a TQ wrench on the lugs, and show him they are tq'd to spec.

"they too tigh"

"no, look, see this number here, this is the spec, this wrench is set to that number. Its very important that they are tightened to that number"

"but why they have to be so tiiiggggghhhhhh"

(no lie, he said "tiiiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhhh") (pronounced "tiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee", like TIE, but long and drawn out. He was putting weird emphasis on the word to try to make his point)
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