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Or this idiot old lady.

She comes in, already pissed, already with a "we are going to rip her off" mindset.

We work on her car, some brake work, pads/rotors, stuff like that. Her pedal WAS mush, and low. I pull it out, the pedal is high and nice and firm. Probably better than it was new. (most new cars have air in the lines and could use a good bleed)

She gets in, pulls out, SCREECHES to a stop, comes back walks in RIP **** pissed. We ripped her off, its worse than it was, she is calling the police.


We calm her down enough to get her keys to take a look at it. I get in the car (despite her essentially screaming that she doesnt want me anywhere near the car since I stole from her) (wtf did I steal? I am pretty sure she meant ripped her off but she was retarded so that was how she said it)

I again take the car for a short spin. The pedal is high and firm. Feels great, car stops like a dream.

Then it dawns on me. This bitch is about 4 foot 9 with little birth defect midget legs. I pull the car up, say "I know what the problem is, give me a few minutes to fix it right up for you" She replies "hurry up, I am already late for work because of you"

I think to myself "no problem C**T"

I pull the car into one of the back bays where she can't see it. I get out, I go into the break room, get a soda and sit down at the table and drink it. About 15 minutes later, I go back to the bay, get in her car, move the seat up a notch or two, and pull the back around to the front and tell her "you are good to go" she gets in, goes for a spin around the lot, and comes back to tell me it feels great now, and I should have done it right the first time.

Now, I KNOW, I broke a basic cardinal rule, of not giving the car back to the customer exactly as it was. Same radio station (you shouldnt be screwing with the radio anyway), steering wheel at same angle, ac on or off and at same temp, AND SEAT IN THE SAME POSITION.

But this retard. This half witted part midget, was too god damned stupid to figure out that why she all the sudden couldn't reach the pedals, was because her seat was 3-4 inches back from where it was. Somehow she missed the fact that she had to reach out more for the steering wheel, and decided the problem was that her brake pedal was way lower than it was before.
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