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One of my first jobs at a "real shop" was at a small local muffler/brake/tune up shop in a semi low income area.

You have a lot of people in these areas, who like to compensate for how poor they are, by buying cars WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of their income level.

They accomplish this by buying them 10+ years old, with 84893278947294793274 miles on them.

Guy comes in with a Range Rover. I already know we are doomed, because it has chrome 3 spoke 20" wheels on it (this was back when 20s were a big deal). Guy is complaining of brake problems. The way he is talking, he is VERY proud to be so baller as to afford a Range Rover.
I get in. Generic swap meet CD player, wiring hanging loose. Not sure if its even mounted all the way. Whatever.

Oh look, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND MILES Great. This should be fun.

I put it on the lift, remove the lug nuts, jesus these wheels/tires (the tires were mostly bald, and they were mismatched, 3 different brand/model tires on 4 wheels. The wheels (with tire) HAD to weigh 70-80lbs. It was ridiculous. The mark of truly low end wheels.

OK how are the brakes.

Lets see. EVERY rubber line I can see is extremely dry rotted. They ALL need replaced. This is a safety issue.
All 4 wheels, the rotors are toast and the pads are gone. Both fronts are grinding, rears are close.

Both front (could have been rear? I don't honestly remember) calipers are LOCKED. I don't even understand how this car stops.

Parking brake? What parking brake? Its broken. Handle flops like a limp dick.

I start calling around for prices, because we don't even have this thing listed in our books.

$5400 parts and labor.

I don't even mention to him that his serp belt is about to let go, and I am SURE this thing needs every fluid and filter in it replaced. (because I know he won't fix it, because the customers in this particular area only care about their car physically moving, and having spinners and big subs, and refuse to even try to process any logic that their car will soon STOP moving, and they won't be able to floss their whip while its on a flat bed)

He loses his mind. Wants to fight us. Wants to fight me. I make a break for it out the back, because someone has pulled a gun on us over an estimate once before

Cops come, he is already gone, left the lot trying, but failing, to burn rubber. Cops leave after him. I take the rest of the day off in case he comes back with "his boys" (he said he would be back with them since we tried to rip him off like a sucker) (his exact words)

2-3 weeks later I see the range rover sitting on a tote-note lot for sale again. He likely just stopped paying the payments since it was broke, and it got repo'd.

I am SURE it hadn't been repaired and was just waiting for the next buyer who was too stupid to see if the car was a pile of crap, and just wanted something to make them look like they weren't on welfare.

I'm not being racist. These were people of all races and age ranges. This was just a crap area filled with morons.
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