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Originally Posted by 2010 WRX Limited View Post
Interesting. What would be the advantage of this method over just cutting the boost via the EBCS?

I also read somewhere that you could tap into the stock temp sensor circuit and force the ECU to go to a different timing table that's reserved for high coolant temperature conditions. It could be a good way to run another tune that's safe for when your meth runs out but you would still have decent performance, say for a track day or something.
The advantage of this is it would not only cut boost, but use your failsafe fueling tables.
Meaning if your running 12.5 :1 GAS and meth brings your final mixture to 11.5 :1 and ran out of meth at 25psi, you'd be done. 25psi on 91 octane at almost 13:1 AFR... goodbye engine.

BUT, if your fueling is switched to your failsafe table (usually quite rich, 10.5 :1 area) you'll probably have a knock episode and drive away from the disaster.
If I start running meth, I'll probably run it to ground out my EBCS as well to be on the safe side. I dont remember what settings the ECU runs in failsafe for boost.

Other advantage is that it wouldn't run advanced timing, just your base timing table. so it's already technically pulled SOME timing...

The sensor input you'd have to fool is Intake Air Temperature, theres a table you can modify to specifically adjust this in the ECU. You could use a small relay with a resistor i believe...
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