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Old and "busted"

New hotness

Yeah, apparently all four of our BRZs have the chirp. CJ's right, I just want to enjoy the car. I can hardly tell it's there and apparently they keep your BRZ for at least a week before they get it all "fixed" up. I can wait for them to get more experience under their belt.

As you can see in the pics, snow is absent still and we're all still rocking our stock wheels. The white BRZ belongs to Mavrik and he runs 04 STI BBS wheels during the summer. Looks pretty good.

To 96accord: There were a lot of cons against the WRX for my lifestyle. That's how I justify switching up cars as often as I do. I look at it and say, "How WELL does this fit my current lifestyle? Is it supporting it or dragging me down?"

The main factors in getting the BRZ were:

- Maintenance
- Gas mileage
- Price
- Lack of negative stigma
- Engineering
- Design

The WRX was my first and last WRX. I was very surprised at how much negativity surrounded that car. Anytime I came on the boards or went to the dealership with issues, I felt like I was treated like some teenager with his first car. Everyone seems to HATE the WRX because they just wish you had got the STI or something. My WRX genuinely had issues, but it was always like, "What did you do to it?" I never got that with the STI or Forester Sports XT.

With the BRZ it's so fresh and exciting that Subaru and the dealership actually WANT to take care of it. People on the boards actually WANT to share helpful information about it. It's weird, but nice. I think I'm just done with turbocharged vehicles for a bit, unless I get a separate engine specifically to drop into this BRZ. I plan on tracking it and experimenting with it.

The BRZ fits my current lifestyle because I'm 28, single, no kids, most of my friends moved away or got married within the last 2 years, and my nieces and nephews moved away, too, so back seats are less necessary. I found myself cruising solo more frequently. I have a good job and have no "bad" habits to spend money on (like smoking, drinking, partying, eating out, porn, wife/girlfriend, etc. ). Plus with gas prices consistently around $4.20 for 90 octane, paying $65 every 3-5 days on the WRX just got to be expensive for me. With the BRZ I have lower car payments, lower insurance rates and much better gas mileage (about 33% improvement by my crude calculations).

Overall just a better purchase, but you have to be okay with not having AWD. We now have 3 RWD vehicles at the house, and I owned one before that I kept longer than any of the Subarus. If you plan your routes and have the right snow tires, you'll be fine.

Location: I guess I should mention that I live in Alaska, which might explain why it doesn't look quite like what you'd expect Alaska to look like. It's the most modern of the cities in most ways, and it's a port town, so our weather isn't quite as severe as other places. Usually more icy than anything, although we did get a record-setting snowfall this year.

Conclusion: I plan on doing a lot to this car and I'll be coming to you guys for ideas. I might even do some polling like I used to do with the WRX, so it should be fun. Most of you know that I'm a fairly active member, so you'll see me around the boards. I also plan on trying to make Wicked Big Meet next year, so for any of you guys on the East Coast hopefully I'll get to hang with you at some point in the future!

Future mods list (some sooner than others):
- JDM under panel

- JDM clear marker lens

- Automotive LED lighting (just ordered last night)

- Snow wheels (sitting in the backyard cuz snow ain't got nothin' on ME!)

- Clear bra clear armor (hopefully by end of the month)

- Autostart (prepaid, just gotta take it in)<=== waiting for program to be released for push button start Subies

- Window tint (maybe 20% rear and 30% front? Was thinking doing 50% on the front windshield, too, but my car is black, so...)

- Tail light tint (was thinking of redding it out first, then doing a medium smoke)

- Gloss black vinyl interior dash (silver be ugliez)

- Vinyl overlay rear diffuser, front bumper guard and side mirrors plastics

- 18x8 Sparco RTT524 +48 from Tirerack (on clearance right now and I want simple wheels just for fun to paint or whatever) <=== Missed this sale

- ASGA STI-replica wheels, silver or black, 18x8 +40

- 18x7.5 Prodrive GT1 +48 (from

- 19x8 OZ Ultraleggera HLT +38 Black (light, 19", poser wheels)

- Lowering springs (maybe Mach V? They all seem fair at the moment. I'm hoping one will come out on top by the time Spring rolls around. Otherwise seriously considering STI pink springs)

- Pretty much any STI parts I can get my hands on. I want the rear spats when I get the side skirts and front lip (and trunk spoiler, maybe).

- Swap trunks with a Raven Scion FR-S locally

- Hood dampers (don't care 'bout no hook, son! Going for Grimmspeed's GB on

- Shave off antenna (I'm in Alaska, don't need no GPS, son!)

- Kartboy delrin shift knob, black, of course (went with STI Duracon shift knob)

- Reverse ring hopefully WC Lathe Werks from JDM STI short shifter kit

I'll add to this list periodically to keep tabs of what I'm really wanting to do. Since this is a community, I appreciate any and all feedback, negative or positive. If you see something on my list that I'm considering, feel free to reply with, "Have you considered..." or even "Those are goo, sir." I just want to have fun with this car and want you guys to have fun watching me build it.
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