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OK, so I took some logs. Rich Idle vs Proper Idle there was no difference in logs. MAF V/G's, Latency, Battery Voltage, DC of injector, RPM, Vacuum, Fuel Pressure, Total Timing, Engine Load, TPS V/ Angle. All matched, just dumping a crap ton of fuel.

So I decided to unplug my MAF, car stalled. Then I decided to unplug the IACV (03 wrx), car did not like that (makes sense).

Lastly I unplugged the TPS, the car immediately leaned out to ~14.7 A/F. My gas pedal is a little sticky at times (when the car is on, not sticky when its off). I think it leaned out because the TPS readings went to 0. So it might be fooling the actual problem. I'll swap out the TPS and see what happens.

Update: Replaced TPS, issue persists.Running around in a full circle achieved. Anything I can try out?

Another Update, possibly a break through...If the car is warmer then 85C my A/F slowly richens but to ~14.3 A/F. Now if I start the car when its warmer then 85c it runs rich at 11.5 A/F. If I let the car cool down to 80C it will fire up and be around ~15 A/F but will start to richen afterwards as the coolant temp warms up. I unplugged the coolant sensor (didn't do anything) thought it might be causing issues but it reads properly and matches my coolant temp gauge.

So why does the A/F incrementally go richer as the coolant temp rises above 85c and why If I start the car above 85C that its pig rich at 11.5 A/F?

Another update: I tried to fool around with Fuelling - Cranking and CL Fuelling Target Compensation. Nothing helped.
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