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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
I will also point out that I was able to switch over my front and rear differential fluid to Amsoil Severe Gear (the transmission and front differential share the same fluid) in my driveway, and it cost me about $60 or so.

If you want to service the CVT fluid, that has been reported to be a $300 job (just to buy the correct fluid).

A while back I bought a used low miles 1988 Honda Accord, that within a year needed an auto transmission rebuild (the long and the short of it is it was the prototypical only driven on sunday car, and that was a problem. Whoever owned it before let the carbs gum up and the transmission seals dry out because he or she barely drove it and never burned out the carb residue). It cost more than the car was worth, but was cheaper than buying another car, so at the time I bit the bullet. That repair put a bad taste in my mouth vis a vis Automatic transmissions.

Since I plan on driving this car for many years, the cost of a new clutch vs the cost of a CVT band or other CVT work was also in the back of my mind.

Even the AWD system is cheaper to service and maintain.

Those costs will only be apparent in 5-10 years (or maybe longer in my case at ~10,000 miles a year), but they are future considerations on choosing more complicated over more simple.
I'm not sure I'd let your experience with the accord affect all future decisions involving automatics - particularly this one since it's a completely different beast.

The fluid costing more I'm not too worried about - it will be some time before I have to cross that bridge (I don't drive that many miles/year). General work on the transmission is a little concerning though so I'm hoping that works out for me (and everyone else who bought a CVT).

Generally though I think cars are pretty reliable these days. Even my old VW from a notoriously unreliable year (2002) cost me very little over the 10 years that I had it. All of the issues I had with it were electrical (sensors, coil pack, etc.). Mechanically it was extremely sound. I'm hoping subaru can at least beat VW on that front
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