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Default Running out of ideas...

A little background first..

I've had the car for about a year. When i bought it i knew it had a few mods, but i planned on removing them and getting the car as close back to stock as possible.

Known mods include:
Turboback Exhaust
Greddy Boost controller (turned off when i got the car, and hasn't been on)

I had been shopping around for a few months, and this car was the closest to stock that i could find within my price range, but i wasn't able to be there when the car was picked up. My dad actually picked the car up, and he knows his way around an engine pretty well, but mostly V6 and V8s, never touched a boxer engine before. When i got the car i immediately had the compression checked, and i don't have the numbers here, but everything seemed to be in good shape. Oil and all fluids checked out.

I drove the car as it was for about 6 months, before i put the stock intake and exhaust on. Never had any real issues with the car (It never broke down or blew smoke) There are a few things that concern me though. One being that when i hit around 2800 RPM there is an INTENSE rattle, which to me sounds like valves. Now before the flames begin, i do understand that these are loud cars and they make all kinds of noises, but this literally sounds like someone is sitting in the passenger seat shaking around a tin can with a few bolts in it. It may be that i never heard it with the loud exhaust, and its always been there.

There is also an issue when i pull off from a dead stop, especially into a turn. No matter how quick or easy i am with the clutch, and no matter how much gas i give it, the car bogs down and shudders like its going to die. I have driven quite a few standards, and they are all different. But i would think this car would have just a little more GO from a stop than my 86 4cyl Blazer with over 200,000 miles... and it just doesn't. All other gears are fine, and it doesn't hesitate at all from a "rolling" stop.

I was a little concerned about the tuning, so i took the car to 2 different dealerships, and both times i was told that they couldn't help me... They couldn't even tell me if the car had a stock tune . Instead the dealership mechanic referred me to an aftermarket shop (I've heard nothing but great things about the shop i was referred to, just never had that happen before) Took it to the shop, and they plugged it in and said as far as they could tell it still had a stock tune, but other than that they couldn't tell me why i was having any of the other issues. Basically the only answer i got was, "Its a race car, it could go 5000 miles, or it could go 50000 miles, impossible to tell."

I really just don't know what to do at this point. I really find it hard to believe that NO ONE can tell me ANYTHING about this car... It drives me crazy to have this beast of a car, that i have to drive around like a grandma because i'm afraid i'm going to blow it up if i push it. Its really starting to be a bummer, and after as long as i have wanted one of these cars i'm starting to feel that the only solution is to just get rid of it.

Anyone out there in Subie Land have any advice for me? I really really want to get this car running how it should, but i'm just at my wits end...

Thanks in advance!
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