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2013 Impreza SL CVT


Originally Posted by nels0300 View Post
See, you ARE in here to "defeat" someone. I'll concede defeat because I feel bad for you. Man that would suck to have a CVT and have second thoughts. A CVT? Ouch.

Yes, you're the one trying to justify your choice. I didnt start a CVT thread like "hey CVT guys, I drove a CVT, didnt like it, didnt like so much, bought a manual instead, what do you think?"
The defeat is that out of everyone in this thread you somehow took a discussion about car transmissions personally. You better attack jdmartin as well (see below).

Originally Posted by jdmartin View Post
Well, I don't own this car (yet), but I've driven both a bunch. My 2 cents, and I've driven manuals all my life (25+ years of driving).

I love manuals but I am unimpressed with this manual. For starters, there feels like there's too much distance between the gearing, so there's a big drop in RPM between gears. First gear is too touchy & jerky. The shifter feels sloppy.

Now I will admit a bias, as I've become spoiled from years of driving Miatas. But even my old B-series truck had a smoother shifting action than this gearbox. What it feels to me is cheap, as in cheaply made.

I have been waiting for the 2013's as I wanted a leather wheel and shifter, but I'm either going to have to reconsider the CVT or skip this iteration altogether.

Originally Posted by aeoporta View Post
2013 here, I love the stick a lot better than the cvt and drove both. The cvt I must say was not as terrible power wise as I would have thought however after suffering with a bmw cvt in an 05 mini cooper I swore to never buy an auto or anything with a cvt. I love the impreza stick so much I am on order for another 2013. In terms of the feel its a lot nicer than the 2010 civic we had, I find it much for responsive to my shifts and when I feel like driving for fuel economy it can be reserved. 3rd gear also engages a lot nicer, had to change mtl fluid in civic to avoid honda 3rd gear pop out. All and all the impreza is so simple, and no nonsense that I wanted one for myself the moment I got the first one for my g/f.
I was in the same boat initially - I thought the CVT was going to be awful but I was pleasantly surprised. I've never driven that iteration of civic but I have driven a 2009 or 2010 (can't remember which) Honda Fit with a manual and I thought it felt great. I'm not sure how much in common the fit and civic transmissions have though so who knows.

Contrary to what nels thinks I'm glad you and others are happy with your cars. Just b/c I didn't like it doesn't mean someone else can't.
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