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Default Intermittent drivetrain slip

looking for some help on this issue. I've tried searching but haven't come up with anything that matches my problem.

The car is an 02 wrx with 153kmi. only mods are intake, catback and coilovers.

Im getting intermittent drivetrain slippage. It acts just like a dying clutch would, engine revs but car barely moves. The weird part is that the clutch is pretty new, its a spec stage 1 organic with about 10k on it. and it doesn't happen all the time and when it does it starts at low power levels like when I'm casually pulling out from a dead stop. This morning I was pulling out from a stop light (half an hour into my commute) very casually, no hot-rodding at all, and the thing just rev'd and rev'd and barely would make it up the hill. I came to a complete stop and tried to pull out again to see if it would stop and engage but the same thing happened. It did this the whole way up the hill until the last stop sign (still on about the same incline and I came to a complete stop again) and then it was gone, I pulled away just normal. The next light I came to the car was still acting normal so I put the hammer down, full boost redline shifted through the first two gears with absolutely no slippage at all.

Any experience with a problem like this or a link to a thread that someone knows of with info? I really doubt that its just the clutch going bad since its fairly new and I'm a pretty decent mechanic, I know what it feels like when the clutch starts slipping and this doesn't quite fit with that.

some extra info:
The problem started on a 250mi trip I just took (normal driving for the most part on the highway 75 mph. I wasn't out street racing with ricers or something stupid like that.) During the trip my check engine light come on and I stopped by advance auto to read the code. It was P0483 Cooling Fan Rationality Check Malfunction. The cooling fan is working and I didn't get a chance to troubleshoot that. I don't see how it can be related to the slippage but the two started occurring around the same time (there was probably 100-150mi distance traveled between the light coming on and the slippage happening.) The slip I noticed on the trip also happened when trying to casually pull away from a stop. It happened for a couple stops and then went away completely until this morning.
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