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Originally Posted by MaddMax View Post
Here's a novel idea. If the roads are covered in ice or you know the conditions will be such soon, don't drive. Same goes for impending snow storms. Don't drive when they're going to hit and avoid driving until the snow crews have worked the streets a bit. It's not like it's surprise when these events happen as you know about it days in advance. Hardly any of us have jobs where we MUST be there, no matter the conditions. Most employers would rather keep their employees safe and to work late rather than hurt or dead.
I work at a hospital sparky, there is no such thing as a "snow day". We are required to show up, because the patients can't exactly get up and leave no matter what the weather is like.

And you stated quite frankly that winter tires make no difference on ice. That is patently false, just accept you were wrong and move on. Your example of black ice can happen whether there is snow on the ground or not, as a matter of fact it usually happens after the snow has melted during the day and re-froze at night. No town or county I know of around here bothers to go back out and salt those spots unless it happens to be snowing again. I guess everyone in the northeast should stay home until April right? And you are right about one thing, you can't beat physics. If hit it at 55mph you're in trouble. But most people encounter ice just trying to get out of their housing development or at a stop light, where winter tires will help out a LOT. It usually means the difference between sliding through an intersection or not. There have been plenty of times where the vehicle in front of me kept on sliding where I stopped easy because of winter tires and their lack of them.

Seriously man, stop posting bad info or...

Stop failing at the interwebz.
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