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Originally Posted by M45 View Post
all the bickering is pretty much just one guy who can't accept that I don't agree with him. everyone else has been cool. I'm not sure if I can simulate a heel-toe type smooth downshift with the CVT - it would be interesting for someone with heel-toe experience (which I do not have) to try out.

man, i really hate to say it. but i do see his point. i should start off that my other car is a 2006 honda S2000 that only comes in a 6 speed manual and is said to have one of the best transmissions. the transmission in that car with a short shifter that only modify the pivot point and not the actual height feels like i am fully connected with the car. it feels so direct as if i can sense and feel the gears, the levers, and the carbon syncros collide with each other. the feeling of each shift in that car is amazing. i also drove the acura rsx 6 speed and those shifts are so smooth. it is not as much as direct as it is more like sleeping on a 3000 silk sheets.

BUT!!! this car is a 5 speed is very dull and boring and mooshy. it is not a "direct" feeling. yes, you as controlling the shifts and directing which gear it goes in, but it is not even close to the S2000. this car isn't a driver's car. it isn't even a economy driver's car. if you wanted a driver car, plenty of hot hatches besides this. if you wanted economy and handling, again others. dont get me wrong i love this car. i love it for everything the S2000 couldn't be. awd, practical, spacious, comfortable, mpg, ect. the imprexa can handle fairly and surprisingly well. i thought, i was going to hate this eco box of a hatch but i smiled when i took it into a corner. it wasn't something i expected. but i didn't expect it to be a STi or anything.

I bought the CVT because this would live up to the manual in the S2000 and i am planning to have a family soon. my soon to be wife does not like driving a standard. mostly because the S2000 became my weekend race car and learning to drive that would be a nightmare. i kinda ruin that for myself. but if i didn't were getting married would i still get the manual? no, i still would not have. city and traffic driving sucks in a manual. and i got this car for a ease of driving. the manual would not make it easier and the mpg was also a factor. though, real world have proven it to not matter or to be equally as bad.

i am not trying to justify why i bought the CVT or hate on the manual. if you love manuals, then go for it. i actually would love to have 50/50 split than 90/10 or whatever it is. the CVT isn't that bad. definitely has its flaws. but the manual would be great. in the long terms, i can actual see the manual lasting longer. not used to having a automatic and now a CVT.

all i am saying is, this isn't a "sporty" car, it isn't a drivers car, but it is not a boring car. it can take the corners, although that has nothing to do with transmission. but if you love the manual or hate the CVT. buy the manual. nothing wrong with that. there are just people who want the manual and some who want the CVT.
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