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Figured I'd chime in and clear up somethings. 16psi is very low for a 20G and the answer for this is simple...we made 100whp over a stock STi. Keeping the stock airbox and catback exhaust! The car is daily driven, fast, smooth power delivery, and will give him no problems (i.e. trans breakages). I think thats the goal here.

As for the dip in power at peak boost, it's an anomaly in some ECU's. Some cars will dip rich at peak boost. It's just something that happens with not all, but some cars. You can combat the issue by ramping up timing in that area, but to be honest, the car is unbelievably smooth on the street so we left it as such, and left some room for error in the map. (i.e. bad gas, etc) I'm not one to tune until you cant tune anymore. Tuning has been made to seem like this form of "black magic", it's not. It does take a lot of knowledge, but I usually just let the car make the power. I'm not the type to force it out. This leads to a better performing car that will LAST! I can make 450whp on this turbo, I'm sure, but when he calls me and says the car is broken, I haven't done anyone any favors!

The filter rate is simply to give everyone those pretty curves. Any chassis dyno is going to show some "noise" and it shows up as those small humps in the curve. It's simply cleaned up for a more mainstream look. At the end of the day the peak power and curve is the same. No harm, no foul.

As for the intercooler debate, I'm not going to hijack the thread on this subject. IMO it's not only intercooler efficiency we need to look at in this case, but it's surrounding air temps. On a dyno with a fan on the intercooler we can make the air temp whatever we like, but driving around a city at 25mph (i.e. this guy) and then going WOT down a side street will spell disaster for any TMIC. What really needs to be looked at is added heat sheilding in an effort to keep exhaust heat away from the intercooler. We will be developing a TIMC intercooler set-up over the next few months that will showcase this theory.

In closing, thanks Jared for the kind words! I hope to see you in the shop again very soon. This car will more then likely be the tester for out TMIC set-up. Enjoy the car and beat the piss out of it, because you can!
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