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Originally Posted by MaddMax View Post
Hence the reason why I didn't say "everyone", Sparky. Are you saying doctors and nurses never call in sick Barring my ER nurse friend, I can't think of a single friend or family member that MUST be at work during a snow storm or ice storm.

Black ice must work differently in the NE. Black ice in the Midwest generally forms from freezing drizzle and on bridges which freeze before other road surfaces do. This generally happens when it's in the 33-34 degree range and raining/misting. Winter tires won't save you when you enter a bridge at any speed and need to turn. Keep dreaming.

Not all of us live in areas that see enough snow to necessiate the need for winter/snow tires. That's a fact. Seriously man, if you want to debate this topic further, I'll be happy to do it in a seperate thread
Sure Dr's and nurse call in sick all the time, and if everyone did it on a snow day who'd take care of the patients? The hospital here simplifies it, you call out on a snow day you'd better be dying or in need of the hospital yourself. No excuses on those days.

Hey, we get that kind of black ice too. But we don't get sit at home counting our cows, neither do a lot of people. And yet several test show that at a reasonable speed winter tires DO manage to turn on ice . I'm originally from Missouri, the last winter I was there we got enough ice that my cousin slid down his backyard and had to crawl up to the highway to get back home. I know ice.

Look, I get you want to justify your decisions and make yourself feel like you made the right choices but I don't think anyone but you and maybe two other peanut gallery people are buying it. Just because you don't think they make sense for you doesn't mean you should be spouting off bad info.

Originally Posted by MaddMax View Post
FYI - Snow tires won't do any better on ice than any other tire except for studded. If there's ice on the road, avoid driving unless someone in your family is dying. It's not worth the risk.
This is your original quote, this is WRONG. I'm sure I can find instances that disprove just about anything including existence if I really wanted to, doesn't make it less true. You're writing off winter tires because in ONE instance on BLACK ice at 50+mph they MAY not help you.
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