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Originally Posted by cheesy44 View Post
I would say it was about 55 out when I did this log. Once the weather cools off I will take another log. Is there any way to eliminate the boost creep?
Catless downpipe is likely the biggest culprit here, if this is, in fact, boost creep. If it is actual boost creep, you will not be able to tune around it and it will likely get worse with colder weather. In that case, you would need a mechanical solution which would be 1. increase exhaust backpressure (go with catted DP), 2. external wastegate + tune 3. port wastegate area turbo + tune.

There is an easy way to determine if you can tune around this or not. Download the stage 2+SF economy mode map from the maps section at for your car. Use the AccessPORT Manager to transfer the map from your computer to your AccessPORT and then reflash the map. Do another run (if you can do so safely) getting closer to redline this time. If there is still an issue with overboost at high RPM with the economy map (where boost control is disabled) then it means that you cannot tune around this issue. Right now, you are not too bad based on that last log, but you did not take it all the way to near redline and it may get worse at colder temps, so definitely something to look at (and always a potential concern with a catless downpipe).

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