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Originally Posted by truwrxtacy View Post
Hey guys last night I went to fill my gas tank. But I was being a dumbass and spacing out and started putting I'm 85 into my sti which is ots stage 2 ap. Well by the time I realized it there was already 10 gallons in it. I then filled it up with 4 gallons of 91. Right now I'm just babying the car, shifting before 3000 rpm and riding intelligent mode.

Now I have an AP, is there anyway I can check knock on the car using live data logger?

I would reflash the economy mode map that can be found in the maps section at This will disable boost control which will minimize boost levels. Additionally, you should drive conservatively and try to stay out boost as much as possible. Run the tank down as much as you can before filling up with 91 again. If you follow these steps, you should be fine.

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