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Originally Posted by shamrock 05 View Post
We can all agree that the burning oil vs not burning oil goes back and forth. Many subarus DO burn oil....the turbocharger is "oil cooled" Now I dont know how hot the turbo actually gets, but oil will get burnt off. My friend bought a brand new Forester and drove it off the lot and it burned oil from the get go. It all has to do with tolerances in the motor. Call a subie dealer and ask them about burning oil. Subaru says burning 1 qt per 1K miles is perfectly fine within factory specs.......and for the guys who dont burn oil, u must have had Tuesday-thursday built cars My car was built on a Monday and yes it consumes a bit of oil at 125K mi
the above is full of so many different variables as to be an exercise in pointlessnes

any NEW car will almost certainly use oil in the first few thousand miles as it breaks in...and TRUE 'break in' is WAY longer than that magic 1000 miles that so many are deluded into thinking it is

calling the dealer is a fools errand and only an idiot would think of asking any dealer about what they have to say to cover their ass

and the real reason that many of us...usually older, wiser, guys...dont have any oil burning/use issues is that we broke the car in PROPERLY AND WE USE THE RIGHT OIL

i personally think that too wimpy a break in is the MAIN and REAL reason that we see so much oil consumption in these cars
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