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Two things to work on before you go out again, your launch and shifting. You can practice in a parking lot and on the highway, respectively.

Launching: Let out the clutch until the drivetrain engages and the car wants to move, then push it back in a tiny amount. Rev the engine up to around 4,500 RPM and release the clutch somewhat quickly but not ninja fast.

Once you get that down you can rev the engine up to around 4,500 RPM and then repeatedly blip the throttle very quickly so that the revs drop to 4,000 and then shoot up to 5,000 RPM, drop to 4,000 RPM, raise to 5,000 RPM, and so on. After a few of these blips when the revs are on an upswing towards 5,000 RPM let the clutch out the same way. This should improve your 60' compared to launching at a fixed RPM.

The clutch shouldn't smell too badly. Lift if you get bad wheel hop. Don't do too many launches in a row.

Shifting: Shift 1st and 2nd gear at red line. You may want to stay in 1st gear for a couple bounces off the rev limiter in case you are spinning tires. 1st to 2nd can be a slow shift depending on your synchros, don't force that one too hard. Practice shifting 2-3, 3-4, etc. fast enough that the car doesn't jerk. Keep your foot on the accelerator pedal when you shift, and only lightly lift it so you don't hit overrun. This should help with reducing the jerk and maintaining boost.

Like everyone says, ignore reaction time until you start racing. If you are next to a loud car it is sometimes best to wait a few seconds for them to launch and disappear before you initiate your launch procedure.

Don't worry about peak boost at this point. That initial surge of torque will wear your clutch and break the drivetrain faster and will not improve your quarter mile performance significantly. A exhaust manifold is a concern, a broken car should only be driven to limp it home.
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