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Originally Posted by 07LegacyGT View Post
take away the shooter for a second...a LENS is what makes a great photo and where the money should go...Cameras are changed every couple a months w more and more gagets, but a good lens will last forever! The ONLY reason i want a d4 nikon is because is shoots at 11FPS, its better in low light, and its Full Frame which would be very helpful at times for racing.
Agreed. Lenses have so much longer lives than bodies. There are certain cases where a nice body will help (high ISO, faster frame rate, fast AF, etc), but you only need those things in certain situations, and for shooting static photos of cars, you need none of them. For motorsports the frame rate and AF can really help, but they're not make or break like a good lens is.

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
On another note, I think I'm going to be selling one of my 7D's for a 5D mkII. I decided it wasn't worth the wait/money for the new 6D. It seems so similar to the 5D2.
Well, things moved quickly on this, haha. My wife got on Craigslist last night, and now I have a new 5D mkII in my possession tonight! We spotted a good deal, so we met up with the seller today and everything looked great so we jumped on it. Now to work on selling a 7D... Here are some photos of the new stuff

Here's one taken with the new camera. Ambient lighting only. Minimal post processing. With a decent setup, a reasonably good looking product shot isn't that hard to do. This was was at ISO6400 mainly to push the camera, but you could get a nice looking shot at much lower ISO with a good tripod. For what it is, I think the shot turned out pretty good. The high ISO noise/detail looks to be very good with the 5D2.

Anyone care to estimate how much all this is worth on the used market?

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