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Originally Posted by arsa13

I forgot about the gunmetal grey rims on the sports. I read over all the specifications I could find about the 5-door Impreza's and couldn't find a darn thing about a rear-sway bar only on the sport models. I know there are mounts for it, but I'm pretty sure that the sport models do not include a rear sway bar unless it also comes on the base model. If anyone knows for sure, please feel free to correct me.

Edit: This is what I found in the '13 Impreza brochure from regarding suspension.
Suspension: 4-wheel independent. Front: MacPherson strut type. Rear: Double-wishbone. Front and rear stabilizer bars. (2.0i: Front stabilizer bar only).

I got the AWP, fogs, moon roof, alloy wheel package (overall I like the 15-spoke rims a tad more than the rims on the sports), roof spoiler, and auto-dimming mirror with compass. I really wanted the sport premium, but at the time I didn't know about the leather wrapped steering wheel and leather shift knob on the '13's and I really had to have the moon roof. Overall, there's only 1 thing the sports have that I couldn't get upon delivery (besides the upholstery), and that was the two tenths of an inch height increase. I found a website that sells the sport rims, roof rack, badges, and floor mats that make the sport models unique.

For me what it came down to at the time was this. Either I buy a Premium with a moon roof and the options I wanted or I lose the moon roof (and leather steering wheel and shift knob at the time) and get a Sport Premium. For me the choice was easy. It was cheaper to buy the premium and add-in the Sport options I wanted after the fact than to lose the moon roof and leather options at the time. Additionally, had I purchased the Sport Premium with everything I wanted and had the dealer or other party install a moon roof post-delivery it wouldn't be the same as having it from the factory. If I ever had warranty problems or problems with the moon roof Subaru might try to fight me or the dealer might give me a line, and in the end I'm not willing to deal with the extra headache that it might cause.

Oh, and if you want to sell your roof rack, I call dibs!

I'm sure we will both be very happy when our cars finally arrive. Oh, and I am pretty jealous that you have that hook-up with your cousin for the popular package! I'd like to get free stuff for knowing someone!
Yeah my bad it was the rear stabilizer bar I was thinking of but according to your above post I think it's just the base that only gets the front. I didn't know about the leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob either, I was just hoping for some extras over the 12' model year. Generally I avoid the first year of a new design to see reviews and let the manufacturer make necessary changes. The only exterior thing I don't like on these cars are the ugly mirrors! Really wish they weren't so huge and just hideous lol. At least they are very functional, love the no blind spots! And I'm sure I will make use of the roof rack when I get back into mountain biking! I Agree on the aftermarket moonroof. I would never install one, I hear lots of leaking issue stories.

When I get mine in I will throw up a pic. Might be snowing by then lol.
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