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Originally Posted by HinshawWRX View Post
TIL that placing even so much as make, model, and year in your profile, but even something as easy as a state, you're giving the world all your personal information AND will have your identity stolen.

Either way, with your attitude you won't go far. The "winter tire" subject is MORE then adequately discussed on this site. You didn't want anything but a spoon fed answer to stop you from researching from yourself. Here's the short and sweet. All seasons may be alright for winter, but a winter tire will perform better in freezing temperatures and snow. Simple. An all season will lack the performance in the winter because it's designed for year round use. Will you die not having winter tires? Not if you know how to drive. Will you be better off with winter tires? Likely.

I posted this about 10 posts ago, "It sounds like the all seasons on the wrx would get me around just as good as the outback gets around with all seasons. Where a winter tire of some sort is going to be rock solid in the snow and on snow packed roads and fine on dry pavement as long as i'm not going break neck speeds. Assuming 65 to 75 mph are not break neck speeds."

So, i was happy without your explanation but I do appreciate it. Maybe you should have tried that from the beginning.

As far as attitude, i feel you started with attitude by telling me not asking to fill out my profile, and to try searching. It's my prerogative and i'd rather not, and not get grief about it. My original post was very clear on what I was asking and all the info needed to answer it was included. You can think what you want but i did search for an answer to my question but really couldn't find one so i asked. All I really wanted to know was if people thought i would get the same performance from my wrx with all seasons as our outback gets which as all seasons. They are two totally different cars so i thought i'd ask what other people thought. So sorry…
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