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You seem to give little regard to anything I have to say but I'm going to say it anyway.

First of all. Good job on the deadening. And I'm not patronizing you, your application is very good.

Second, as far as SQ, those subs aren't top 20, more like top 10. If you ever need to sell them I know plenty of people who would buy them, but you probably do as well.

I have a couple criticisms and before you get defensive just consider that this is how the best cars in the world do it.

I can see spots on the door where you just ran the deadener over an open hole. At least from the pictures I'm pretty sure thats what you did. That should have been closed up with sheet metal and then deadened. You are trying to create an enclosure for your driver and while there is nothing you can do about various holes or air leaks in the door that need to remain open you want your enclosure to be structurally sound. Deadener just spread over a big hole is floppy and you are just losing acoustic energy. Sheet metal, then deaden, deaden, deaden. If I had my doors to do over again I would have deadened the sheet metal with a layer before screwing it on. It was a non factor though as it became a game for people to stop by my car with whatever cd they had in hand and try to make my doors rattle…no one was able to do it even with the subs running all the way down to 20hz. Also running foam blocks with grooves cut in them and then lubing the door rods will ensure that it is impossible for them to rattle. It looks like you added a soft layer to buffer the actual door panel once it was back on so bravo there too.

The other thing there may be a good reason for and I just don't know it. But why did you go to that extent to run what looks like a 5.25"? You could be running a slim 8". Morel's, Dynaudio etc. Perhaps you weren't looking to use the door as a mid bass but you are there…why aren't you? If it's because you don't want to make kicks (just a shot in the dark, maybe you already have kicks) from what I've seen I think you would have no problem making kicks, that is if you could get over your fear of MDF

Lastly I see you put foam behind the driver to prevent any back wave problems. I don't know if you have ever tried deflex pads but they really work. I used to use egg crate type foam but deflex pads do an audibly better job. For a long time I though they were a gimmick, but they are the real deal.

Pics to show you what I'm talking about with the doors
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