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Originally posted by Peaty
I don't think flair nut and compression fittings are the same thing. A compression fitting involves a gland (or sleeve) you slide over the tube after the end is cut off, a flair nut type involves flairing out the end and there is a male mating face on the other side. It could be leaking for a couple of reasons.

It could be not tight enough or possibly there is some crap on the face that isn't letting it get a good seal. Or the treads are cocked and it's not sealing properly. Have you tried taking it apart and looking at the face of each side? I think brake line flairs are double backed flairs, not something you can do w/ a normal flair nut tool. You might have to get a whole new line rather than have it cut back and re-flaired

I wish my digital camera had been delivered and I could show you pics....

Lemme see if I can describe... the flare got all gouged when I was taking it off (I finally resorted to heat to loosen it up). So I've got a pretty well messed up nut.... I screw it into the new SS lines as tight as it'll go. But, the flare now drip-leaks from the very bottom - the section where the hard line and nut join up. I assume this means that the hard line and the flare nut are not solidly connected.

At this stage, I'll have it re-ended or a new hard line run - whatever will fix it (I'm going to a driving school next weekend and just want it 100%). I'd like to avoid a trip to the dealer, since I don't think they're that great & they can't usually get me in very quick. Would a brake shop be able to handle this??

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