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Originally Posted by Ernest View Post
Easiest way to learn is just get some A/S tires. You will know right away whether they work for your conditions/driving etc. That is what I did. I upgraded to summer tires on new rims and used the stock rims with the crappy A/S tires in the winter and the car handled fine for my conditions. If the A/S had not worked so well, I would definitely have gotten winter tires.

But for me A/S worked just fine. I know this might sound stupid, but I almost prefer a little less grip in the winter - its fun and it keeps me driving slower which I should be doing anyway.
Please take no offence to this but your attitude is ignorant. No one likes to hear this word but if you look up the definition, it fits the situation. I think you are not considering all of the scenarios that one may encounter while driving. A/S tires will surely do OK in 95% of daily situations. What winter tires give you is the 5% where you will REALLY need it and if you don't have them, you will really regret not having them. Real world example, you're going to work in the morning, you're cruising 70mph, someone in front of you stabs the brakes for whatever reasons, the following happens:

A. A/S tires - you stab the brakes or try to jump over to another lane but end up rear ending/clipping the guy in front of you because your tires have a consistency of a hockey puck at 20F. You destroy the bumper (best case scenario), or die (worst case scenario). Most likely, you end up with something in between, smashed front end and some injuries.

B. Winter tire - you stab the brakes or try to jump over to another lane which you succeed in doing because your car was equipped with correct tires for the conditions at hand. You say to yourself "that was close" and you get to work, get a raise, a bonus and come home to be a hero.

BTW, if you commute in metro areas, this scenario happens every week. You may say to yourself, heck, it's such a small percentage. What are the odds, right? I will probably be OK. Yeah, probably. You might as well cancel your insurance altogether. Odds are you'll be fine. You know, while you're in the saving mood, cancel your health insurance too. Get my point yet?
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