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Originally Posted by Rampager2000 View Post
You make a post asking a rhetorical question and say you didn't hear an answer in the same post?


Nobody here is defending the driver. Not a single damn person, other than some people talking about hind sight and what could have been done differently.
Really? Nobody? You mean all the young drivers reading this thread that say it was an accident, or not all 17 year olds are this way aren't in some ways advocating that its "OK" because we were all young and stupid too? OK. If you believe that to be the case.

This is the second time in this thread you have made an outrageous assumption based on silly logic.
I'll give you assumption, but not outrageous, and definitely not silly. It's rooted in fact as being in a family of 1st responders and seeing what speeds require certain things to happen... and that he won't get out of this without any kind of serious penalty, the very least being 4 counts of manslaughter.

To take a Subaru with it's modern, highly touted and accolated OEM safety cage and split it in 1/2 requires quite a bit of 'talent' and speed. Logic therefore dicates the speeds he had to be going to accompolish such a feat are in the very least in triple digits.
Originally Posted by scx89 View Post
Cool story gramps

I love old people who think in absolutes and categorizes all young people as wreckless drivers.
Quite the opposite actually, many teens are not wreckless. (I know... typo)

Originally Posted by Rampager2000 View Post
You missed the point.

The driver doing 100+ mph at 3am on wet roads, when by all intents and purposes he shouldn't have even been behind the wheel at the time was not an accident.

The end result of his choices (in the trees and 4 dead) however, is by definition, an accident.

an unfortunate event resulting from carelessness, unawareness, ignorance, or a combination of causes
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