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I'm not advising HoboBob to undertake this endeavor, but there's an awful lot of inaccurate information being thrown out here. Before there were WRXs aplenty, guys used to turbo 2.5RSs using bits and pieces from the old turbo Legacys, or imported WRX bits. It can and has been done. Is it economical nowadays, with the much greater availability of used WRX drivetrains? That I can't answer.

Originally Posted by 07VTRex View Post
new exhaust manifold - Bazillions of used WRX manifolds available for next to nothing
new up pipe - Same
new downpipe - Same
turbo - Already has it
intercooler - Certainly a very good idea, but not required at the low boost numbers he's talking about. And again, plenty of cheap, used WRX bits out there.
all silicone couplers and t clamps - T-clamps not needed at low boost, and WRX take-off plumbing should be plentiful and cheap
possible new intake manifold, depening if its shaped the same as the turbo - Not even sure what the hell that's supposed to mean (intake manifold the same shape as the turbo? ). But no, he doesn't need a new intake manifold
Comments added above.

Originally Posted by cal_look_zero View Post
Orrrrr, he could swap a WRX engine in for $1200 or so if he finds a good deal, and not hassle with an open deck platform that will top out below my NA engine, unless he wants to risk kaboom kaboom.
You do realize the EJ205 and EJ257 are open deck, right?
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