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Thanks for all the assistance guys....

Originally posted by legacy777
You guys are getting things mixed up.

The hard line that is connected to the car has the flare. Behind that flare is a nut/fitting that screws into a rubber or SS line.

From your post, that nut/fitting is what is fubard.....correct?
Yes, I think. The leak appears to be from that nut/fitting.


The actual inner portion of the flare or brake line is not messed this correct or not?
Correct. Brake fluid is still flowing thru the lines (because I bled that corner and fluid did flow through to the bleed screw). But still had that annoying leak from the fitting.


The rubber or SS line is what has the compression fitting in it. That is what needs to be replaced or looked at.

For the most part the brass compression fitting is softer then the hard line and will form a seal.

Do you have your old rubber lines? If so, put it back on and see if it still leaks. If it doesn't, you found your problem. Call the vendor you got the lines from and tell them one of the lines has a bad compression fitting and you would like a replacement. Or contact the manufacturer directly.
Uhh.... yes and no. I really messed up that rubber line in the process of getting it off, but I do have the rubber line from the other side.

Maybe I will swap the new SS line for the old rubber line (or maybe use one of my other SS lines). But I do think the problem is on the hard line side. I really fought with that nut and think I killed something in the process...
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