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Honestly, if you live somewhere (or like to drive to somewhere) there is a significant chance of snow/ice on the road, just get winter tires! Take you stock rims (you're gonna wanna change them someday anyway), or get some spare ones, and drop a set of honest snow tires on them. if you have lots of ice and never see dry roads for months at a time like i do some winters, i recommend studded snows. if you get mostly dry roads, get some non-studded ones. They are lightyears better than they used to be. If you have both summer and winter sets mounted, you're just taking 5 min to unbolt n rebolt on wheels twice a year. Pretty simple.
Isn't a spare set of wheels ($100-200) and a set of snow tires that will last many many years ($400-600) worth more than wrecking your new $25k-35k car?

Plus, instead of limping through the winter like a wuss in the best winter car ever made, you'll be out having fun driving in it. Subarus with good winter tires make driving on snow like driving on dry roads

I've had my current set of Hakka2's mounted on my stock STi rims since i got the car, 6yrs ago. They are still over 1/2 tread and the studs are still awesome. Also, the skinnier the better with snows, get more weight on a smaller contact area. The new WRX's should be fine getting a spare set of earlier WRX 16's and running something like a 205/50 or 55. Also, there are always a ton of snow tire sets for sale in the NWIC/RMIC and other classifieds on here. Easy to pick up a barely used set for a great deal.
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