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The Focus ST is absolutely a nice car. The interior is phenomenal. The touch screen is cool, and the steering wheel has a great feel and a bajillion buttons. The seats are glorious, and the styling is pretty aggressive. And the sound system, man is that great. I like the Ford.

However, there were also things that I didn't like. The FWD was rather FWDish despite some of the tech to make it feel better. My test drive was after it rained and although it stopped an hour or so before my test drive, the roads were still a little moist. I really tested the traction of that thing. It did a lot of spinning, and when it did grip, the car would slam. It was rather disconcerting and I kind of felt like I was breaking things. I think this was the diff causing this. The pedal placement was also poorly done. The gas and brake pedal locations made heel-toeing exceedingly difficult as the brake pedal was so much further forward than the gas.

The Ford also had a few things I neither needed nor wanted. The touch screen, while nice, would rarely get used after initial setup. The gauge layout was unoptimized (really like having the tach front and center). And how I had to position the seat meant that every time I went to look out the side window, I got a face-full of B-pillar.

The Ford is still a great car, but those things I didn't like were the things that were highest on my list of important features/capabilities. They were also the things that the WRX got right. It was a good bit more spartan in there, and the sound system wasn't even close to the quality of the Focus ST, but at the end of the day, the WRX made me happier than the Focus ST. I pick up my 2013 WRB Hatch at 4pm Saturday. That's suddenly today, so I'm going to go try, and likely fail, to get some sleep.
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