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Originally Posted by Menacing_Gc8 View Post
unfortunately it is no better at any other school in the area. I am glad I no longer work in WC .. The amount of morons on the roads that I would encounter was enough to make me wanna run someone down on more than one occasion. I havent ever really Seen much of this type of thing on campus.. well not at night anyway but daytime hrs I tend to stay as far as possible form WCU as possible because of the traffic.. and the stupidity. Its not just the driving idiots we gotta fear either, its also the walking ones that dont look as well. Cant tell ya how many drunk , or plain out stupid people , I have nearly taken out because they are on the sidewalk, see a car and jump in front of it. one threw her keys at me so I picked them up off my hood and kept them for a block.. came back around and beamed her with them.. was amusing at the time..

Anyway The gopro is a great idea.. im getting something like it or just that but mines gonna record 24/7 cause people wont stop messin with my car on top of the retards on the road that dont wanna fess up to their own stupidity or admit they were at fault
and sadly because you are a girl guys, who are at fault, will likely try to take advantage of that. thankfully, however, you seem like a well educated woman who wont take crap from people. definitely get your video set-up going. seems like as long as there are immature douches in the world the rest of the responsible people will need video protection.
but yes, WCU students and in general most WC residents, are terrible drivers. never wait their turn at stop signs, speed excessively around campus, dont pay attention to surroundings, hit and run etc... etc...
and i know exactly what you mean by the idiots who walk out in traffic at WCU. i see them all the time. they dont look and walk out from between parked cars and have the nerve to flip you off if they almost get hit. i thank god i only have one more semester to go there. after that i will do my best to forget WC exists.
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