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Originally Posted by waynoSTI View Post
The guy i've been dealing with from Brembo said you have to use the lines that came with the brakes. i talked to another dealer and he said the same thing. Plus they are 5x114, it just seems sketchy to me that the guy brought them and has had them for 3 years cause he can't use them. Anyway the guy rubbed me the wrong way, i think he knows they are useless. i can send you the info if you want them...
If anyone wants to risk it, $4500 shipped is what he's asking.
Sorry to hear the deal doesnt goes well bro, I am sure there are some misunderstanding here. both of you guys are honest guys and you are my friends. Paul is the current owner of the brakes, we know each other for 7 years now. He doesn't really know much about car parts plus he and I aren't very fluent in English, so I helped him to find pretty much all the parts for his car from NASIOC. Here is the story, He bought the brake setup 3 years ago from the member "Wild999" here.
Paid over 9g shipped for the whole setup plus the tax when they came to Canada. You obviously know how the Canadian custom charges ridiculous taxes. He sent the money to the seller in 3 separate payments. The seller sent him 3 packages for the front, rear and final one for rotors. He was going to install this setup when he doing the full 5x114.3 swap, but before he got all the package, his JDM sti motor blew because of the bad tuning in Halifax. After he got everything fixed He feel tired with his Subaru, it always gave him trouble, so he ended up selling the car and never got a chance to install or test fit that brake kit. The brakes were just sitting at his apartment for the past 2 years untill this summer when I ask him about the brakes. He was going to let me use it for free, but it is just too much for me to take it, even though I really want this brakes for my car :P. so I said I will ask around if anyone baller enough to pay big $$$ for a brake setup like this.

For the hardware part, he thought he had all the necessary parts in the box but later found out they were missing the bolts for the rotors and brake lines. he tried to msg the seller but seems like he didnt get msg back from seller. I assume you can't get the missing parts from Brembo since the center hub for the rotors are custom cnc made, not from brembo. So are the lines too, the caliper is not for sale in public Subaru application. I checked Brembo catalogo pdf file, and it is for WRC race use. I don't think there is magic line required for this caliper bro. you can always custom make brake ss lines as long as you know the port size on the caliper side and fitting size on the vehicle side.
Anyway just wanna clear the misunderstanding here. Both of you guys are my good friends, hope you are all good bro.
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