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When I was doing the tranny work, I also put on the new mounts. The motor mounts went on first. It was a bit easier to get at them with the tranny off. Once the motor was jacked up the rear bolts were actually quite easy to access. The fronts were fairly difficult due to the Invidia header. Other headers I think would have more access. When installing these mounts pay very close attention to orientation. It took me a little bit to figure out which direction they go in.

The tranny brace was assembled, but off the car, so I bolted the new tranny mount onto it. When I went to install it I realized that one of the bolts that attaches to the tranny is impossible to install with the tranny mount assembled. I had to remove the mount, and remove the two large bolts holding it together. Then drop the small bolt into the hole and reassemble the tranny mount.

Once I had done this I reassembled the tranny brace assembly and went to install it on the car. I loosely started all the bolts holding the brace to the car, but then the holes from the tranny mount didn't line up! I had to loosen all of the bolts holding the brace assembly together and then I had enough wiggle room to start all the bolts.

The bolts from the tranny mount to the tranny are a pain to install. I had to use a stubby wrench for them all. It was time consuming, but it all went on fine. I torqued these down first, then the bolts holding the tranny braces together, and lastly the bolts holding the braces to the car. No issues at all once I got the tranny mount bolted to the tranny.

The pitch stop was straight forward. No surprises there. Once I got the car all back together I started it up and could immediately tell the difference that the mounts made. There was a lot more noise being transmitted into the cabin and you can feel the vibrations in the floor and center console area.

Getting started in first and also at low-ish RPM's around town there is a lot more vibration. There is a lot more gear/driveline noise when in gears 1-4. 5th is still quite so cruising isn't that bad. So far I think it's definitely bearable, but it's not ideal for a daily driver. I hope this extra NVH means they're doing their jobs!
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