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Originally Posted by UK-Wagon View Post
because its a dealer that told you that, it shouldnt mean anything unless that dealer is known to be crappy. In that case you should go to them then and go to a different one. There are plenty of good Subaru dealers out there!

None the less..... the sound might be normal if the noise is not audible from standing in front of the engine. If you put youre camera close to the injector, that may be the sound we are hearing. Try to get a video from a standing point there on the driver side. Dont put the camera or mic up super close to the engine.

If that noise is the same from a standing point, then it may be a few things. We would need year, make model, mileage, mods..... ect. So please do that and also fill out your profile.

It is a 2010 wrx, 31xxx and used to be stage 1 until i started to notice the noise. The sound can be heard from the front of the car and from inside the car. The sound is heard over the injector clicking, I do not think it is piston slap because, it seams to only do it when it is warm. It is only noticeable between idle to 1500 rpm and i havent had a drop in fuel milage or power. my wife's car is a 2010 forester xt, 44xxx miles and no mods, which has close to the same 2.5 as mine and i can hear it on her car, it is not as audible as mine but, I do hear it. As to my comment about dealers I misspoke. I am from Iowa and I am sure that there are good dealers but, I would also assume that the individuals that are on NASIOC are far more
trustworthy/knowledgeable then most, if not all, dealers in Iowa. I am very aware that these are not "Quite" engines.
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