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Originally Posted by JASWRX View Post
Are you serious?? NO THAT IS NOT FAIR! You have broken your promise to both Yimi and I, and have switched sides, and are asking me to pay you if it works. That is not at all what we ALL agreed on. You did not pay Yimi, bottom line, as you said you would, and have ignored both of us. You ran away from the problem.

Anybody, want to call Yimi, and ask them what they think of Q-rack??
Yimi has called and emailed them several times, and QRack does not reply. That is HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

No one said anything about being cushy, BUT, it is not suppose to shutter, and YOU told me so. I was told by your company, that it would act similar to stock, just way faster, and should not be shuttering. WHY would have you agreed to send me another rack if this is "normal?" I have lost so much respect in your company, it is unbelievable.
Whats Horrible customer service?

That we shipped you a new rack on the word that we supplied a bad rack after having a proven record of of 99.99% solid product over 20yrs? I disagree with you!

You will never find a manufacturer who will send you warranty product before getting the defective back, no one will ever pay any labour. Tibor agreed to because a faulty q-rack is almost impossible because of the way we do things around here.

We sent you replacement product in good faith, we cant have another shop determine the rack is faulty without us taking it apart to inspect it. We stood by our product, now we want to inspect it before the wallet comes out. We arent saying we wont pay your bill but there has to be a reasonable process, and giving you product and $$ without having anything to show for it is not reasonable.

You are lucky you dealt with Tibor on a good day, he can be a softy I would have demanded payment for the 2nd rack or asked you to send the defective rack in for warranty. We take a lot of pride in our product and what goes into it and for good reason.

What happens if the rack is not defective and works fine? Who is responsible for the bill then? The shipping of the 2nd rack? You cant have it both ways dude....sorry!

Find me on IWSTI, no need to even sign up, get my email off my signature or PM me. I am not a vendor here so I wont post my info incase it violates NASIOC vendor policies.

As far as I am concerned we sent you 2 racks and got paid for one, we want the bad one back ASAP or pay for it!

Edit: For those who have been technical about this and supported us in general or been the voice of reason I thank you all, there are quite a few of you so I wont name names but I appreciate it.

-Akshay @Q-Rack!
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