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Originally Posted by JASWRX View Post
The point of this thread was not to solve my issue as that would be near impossible over the Internet, and quite frankly, I have got used to it. I have taken my car to shops, and out of options. When I do my 150,000 mile service, I will have the issue looked at again for a 4th time.

* Remember, the tires shutter as your turn the wheel, when the motor is off, and on the rack.
If the point of the thread was not to solve the issues then it is in the wrong forum. This forum is for technical discussion, not vendor/parts reviews.

With that in mind, the tires WILL shutter even if the car is off because there is resistance in the lines. You are not just rotating the rack back and forth, you are pushing the fluid as well. And, if there is cavitation in the lines, you are still going to feel the shuttering.

And the fact that it's happening at low speeds or stopped shows this. The time when the most pressure is used in the power steering is when you are stopped or moving slowly. Ask any owner of a manual steering car. They will tell you it is hardest to turn at low speeds or stopped.

Just to really drive this point home, (even though you don't want to read it according to your above statement) here is an analogy. An air bubble in a high pressure line like power steering is similar to an elastic band attached to a sticky paper weight. As you turn the wheel, the air bubble will compress until it reaches a point where it can now move the steering rack. Once the bubble overcomes the friction in the rack and causes it to move, the amount of friction is greatly reduce and that bubble expands to its original size. This will cause the rack to move rapidly and in a very jerky fashion.

Just like if you tried to drag that sticky paper weight across the table by pulling the elastic. The elastic will stretch until it overcomes the friction then the weight will spring across the table.

Now this could have been an issue with the install OR it could be an issue with assembly of the rack. If the seals are bad or installed incorrectly then they will leak and cause air to enter the system. Because this has happened on two different racks, I'm doubting it's the assembly entirely on statistical probability and QC.

I would be very curious to see what happens if you run with no power steering fluid for a bit. Drain it entirely and try turning the wheel back and forth with the car either in the air or on a little drive if you're feeling strong.

Also, that is exceptional customer service to just send you another rack on word alone. Yes, I agree that the tie rod mix-up should be solved outright (by exchanging for the correct rack of covering the costs of the parts) but covering the cost of labor without inspecting the rack first is unreasonable. Pretty much every other warranty that I've seen like this requires that you either keep a credit card on file, or payment for the second unit up front so that if you try to keep the original unit, you will be charged for it.

Have you tried contacting Akshay since the first reply? It doesn't sound like you have and it seems like q-rack is trying to amend these problems.
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