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Originally Posted by JASWRX

I don't expect anything. They told me they would, well actually they told Yimi they would reimburse them for the tie rods. I was there during the install. Agian, you WERE NOT THERE, so stop acting like you were god watching over. You write as if you talked to me and the shop, and were part of the conversation that Tibor, me, and the shop had regarding the agreement. It's weird man! If Yimi post here, you are going to look like a fool!

I already said they admitted they messed up by sending the wrong rack, and apologized for the inconvenience. They sent a rack for a 2006. No big deal, we just had to find the parts. I did not have to mess with that on the 1st rack.
Lol you're the one who looks like a fool. You have no interest in searching for the problem, only blaming Q-Rack for a problem with your car, and then having the audacity to cry about them not footing the bill. After reading their recent response, I would have a hard time believing you over them. See...... their account of the events actually make sense, while yours defy any form of logic.

Everyone here can see how unrealistic you are being. The fact that you would be ok with Q-Rack footing the bill even of the rack is not defective tells me a lot about your character.......or lack of it.

Bottom line, if the rack is not defective it's disgraceful for either you or Yimi to expect Q-Rack to pay, it's disgusting actually.

Originally Posted by JASWRX

We have contacted them several times. They ignore us (Yimi and I). I have actually contacted my attorney about this, and because they are in the U.S, there is nothing we can do, and at this point, Yimi just won't ever deal with him again, a sad but true fact.
Even if they were in the US you wouldn't be able to do anything as your claim would be based on a verbal contract.
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