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If you had issues receiving the replacement goods, that was between you and the company that took on the responsibility of handling the replacement goods at the time of the transition, Grassroots Motorsports.

I lost over $150,000 (that I didn't have) in the economic collapse. Lots of people left owing me and the magazine money that I will never see (my story is not unique, many publishers lost their shirts that year and very few of those customers had any replacement products arranged.) Sometimes things happen that we simply can foresee or control. **** happens and hindsight is 20/20. I would love to do it all over again, really I would. For you, for my family for everyone. But this is life, we pick ourselves up and get on with it.

I'm not telling you to "get over it" to be complacent, but because you had an option for recourse with the company that acquired the responsibility of the subscriptions. I can't control your conversation with them. I don't know what or with whom you spoke and what was or was not fulfilled.

I keep coming back to NASIOC because I do care about you and about the community. If I didn't, I wouldn't attempt to continue this relationship. Responsibility for subscriptions is under GRM, you have to take that up with them. If you choose to support my latest project, that would be great (but I'm already guessing which way you're going to go on that, which is completely understandable.)

Nobody else was willing to stick their neck out and make a Subaru-dedicated magazine, I did. As you and many others cared so much for the magazine, obviously, I did a pretty good job. All I want is to is to have the opportunity to do a good job once again.
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