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Originally Posted by AkumaMotorsports View Post
Got to get the OP to change the boost to 26+ PSI. My applause for posting the real boost in bold. 20 PSI to achieve 600WHP is not mathematically possible with the displacement of this motor, turbo size, and airflow. How do you like the AEM V1 on the Subies? To be honest, I have not liked them at all. The AVCS(not needed here) control is not very good. Have you tried the VIPEC at all? I have heard good things there.

The OP stated he wanted to change the wastegate to hold boost better. I think he needs a different gate to control boost better. Sounds like it is creeping due to gate size or design.

Do you think is it the size of the gate or is the design favoring the turbo? Sometimes the gate positioning can lead to creep. If you are able to split the flow as equally as possible on the up-pipe you can get a little better response from the smaller gates.

Is this going to be a drag only car or is it going to see some street driving?

Keep up the good work, and enjoy the car. I hope the OP has some experience with high HP cars that come in late. This will be a bit to handle for an inexperienced driver. It will def. light up the tires in the early gears.


I had a 38mm on here, The header design was a 4-2-1 so it has a 1.5 scroll up-pipe with the gate right at the top. The 38 is way too small for this setup, so we are replacing it with a 44mm.

I have some experience driving high HP cars, and I drive this car almost on a daily basis. Took it to school yesterday, and a spirited cruise around town. Im no newbie nor am I a reckless teen. This little 600hp car doesnt scare me. When this car makes 800 then ill need a diaper to drive it.
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