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Im having a e85 related issue so i thought i would post here and check to see if anyone else has had this problem. My car is a 2011 fxt and has a dw65c pump and id1000cc injectors running e85. The problem accured the other day when i put 10 gallons of e85 in the car that was in my garage from a reputable mobile i use regulary as soon as i put it in the car would not fire. It cranked just fine but would stumble and stall every time i tried to turn it over. I tried for about 5 min befor trying something new.
I then decided to flash a different map with my ap and after waiting for it to load it fired rite up. It was a cold day about 45* so i chalked it up to cold weather and the ethanol. Next morning the same thing happened so i switched it back my original map and waited for it to load and it fired rite up. So i called my tuner and he changed my cold start enrichment tables to suit the colder weather.
I just tried to start the car today with the new map its about 60* outside. I loaded it in the other nite and still nothing this morning. I primed it for a long time and after a few more primes and a long wait it finally started. So i know its not map related and once the car warms up it runs fine as far as i know. Could it have been a bad or a different mix content that could have had this happening? The car started normally befor i put the 10 gal in so thats all i can think of.The day befor it was about 50* and it fired up normally. I am used to having to crank longer then normal in the colder days but this is pretty bad.
Also the car starts fine for the rest of the day once it warmed up this only happens on the first cold start of the day. I have been on e85 close to a year now.
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