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Originally Posted by lifwanian View Post
Sorry guys, crazy busy, plus the cops are taking forever, as always.

So here's the full story:

It all began with my stuff being stolen on a Friday night from a friend's car (ok not robbed, geeezzz). Inside my backpack was a macbook pro which did have upgraded ram and hard drive.

The next morning, I found a fresh craigslist post for an exact match of a macbook, year, model, processor, ram, hard drive, etc. Sketch post as well "leave number, can't text, we'll call you."

So, we use a friend's email, and we get a voicemail from a woman saying to call her. I text her a few times asking about the macbook, no reply for a few days. So I text her from my phone saying its a police matter. Get a reply within seconds - text reads "... There is no macbook here. Sorry wrong number?" I don't reply for a few minutes and I get a call from her saying she accidentally posted in the wrong state (her number is from Vermont so that matches her story, but now she does have one?). I still don't have enough proof, so I brush it off.

Then 2 weeks later, I find the same posting a state up. use another friend's email, get a voicemail from the same number! So I text her/them (see image below) and it just escalates from there. By this point Im 95% sure it's my macbook. He leaves a voicemail stating his number is a week old, and when I text him saying a woman called me from that number 2 days ago, he switches to "go the phone yesterday".

I then get a random email from the email address "[email protected]" saying the following:

It was also sent from the IP address which is Class A private and not traceable.

If anyone can do their magic police work here, I'd greatly appreciate it! That number is now "disconnected" but could also just be forwarding calls to a disconnected number.

Anyways, I fall for it, and text saying "you have some information for me?"

I then receive about 500 texts within 10 minutes from Google SMS from this [email protected] saying "You will NEVER get it back HAHAHAHAHAH it's MINE BITCH!!!!" Half way through it also changes to [email protected] since he ran out of sms.

I called the police in both states and they both took down all of the information and are "on top of it". I've done most of the work for them already though, and I've found that this person has done this before so they may want to actually find him...

I also tried to trace the emails and did get slightly somewhere. If you click on "forgot password" for the localchat emails, and use localchat2011 for the localchat2012 recovery email, you can link back to a yahoo email which may be legit.

Image of said texts (number is removed because I cannot yet prove that it is the actual thief):

So, I'm asking the awesome NASIOC police to help me find any details regarding these pricks.

dude, you're doing it all wrong. I'm gonna have to give you a step by step walk through:

when you see the ad, just act like a buyer and PRETEND to be completely naive. you need a new phone number. use a cheap prepaid phone.

show up with friends you trust.

get there early and let them spread out so it looks like you're alone.

maintain radio contact. use nextels or whatever cell phones you have available but use headsets so your hands are free.

you need at least one guy at an elevated position who has line of sight with the entire scene.

it's better to have two so at least one of them can manage the recording while the other mans the sniper rifle. if you have only one guy, he can mount the camera to the rifle.

use non-lethal rounds since this is a property extraction only. tasers, rubber, pellets or paint balls will suffice.

make sure you have at least one body at every exit point. if you're short on personnel you can have each man covering two exit points, but they must remain equidistant from each exit to minimize chance of losing your suspects if they decide to abort or split up.

if you really want to overwhelm the suspects, you can coordinate a flashmob via online classified sites such as craigslist or angieslist.

make sure to set them up using a throw away email addy from the free wifi at starbucks so it can't be traced back to you.

when the suspects show up, act like a buyer. covertly begin recording audio and video, inspect the laptop and confirm that it is yours.

if it is indeed your laptop, calmly tell the guy you know the laptop is stolen and get him to admit it by proving it's yours verbally so the mic picks it up.

if after about 75 seconds you can't get the guy to admit it or incriminate himself in any way, just tell him even if he isn't the thief, you know and can prove that the laptop is yours and that you're walking away with it.

point your finger at his chest to give the signal to your sniper to put the laser sight where you are pointing. tell him to stand down and be smart.

if he advances towards you or gets more aggressive, give the signal to escalate and have the sniper hit him in the gut, groin or knee.

tell him that was the first and only warning. if he agrees to stand down, walk away, trying not to draw too much attention to yourself and have your friends scoop you up around the corner so he can't see your license plate.

if he tries to escalate, have your friend hit him in the upper chest with an oc round or in the nuts with a rubber bullet. THEN calmly walk away and get in the car.

congratulations, you just got your laptop back.
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