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Sorry I'm posting here but I just subscribed so I can't create new thread (yet).
I have a '95 Legacy Lsi 2.2L. I was wondering if I could get some advice on spark plugs. I haven't replaced mine in quite some time and I think I will this weekend. This is the information I've gathered from around the web regarding the topic:
  • subies like NGK's.
  • Copper is the best conductor but doesn't last as long as Platinum/Iridium.
  • Platinum is the worst conductor of the three.
  • Iridium is the best choice if I would rather not replace them often.

I've noticed NGK has a couple of different models (G-Power, V-Power, etc.). I'm attempting to buy them on advanced auto parts or autozone and just trying to find which ones would work best in the car.

Also I've been having OBDII P0133 code (Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response (Bank1, Sensor1)) come on for quite some time now. I've reset it a couple times but for the most part it comes back after 50-100 miles. So I'm considering buying a new O2 sensor but I might try removing and cleaning the current one first. If I would buy it though the OEM ones come out to around $100-$140 as opposed to the clipped wire ones (my car uses 3 wires) are around $30-$60.

If anyone can offer some advice on either of these two matters I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!
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