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Originally Posted by danny_d19 View Post
$35 to ship 2 vinyls (8") to BC, Canada..... wat?
Please see below.

Originally Posted by BluewaterAWD View Post
We went through this already in another thread.. Have a search and you'll see.. It's a futile battle Would love to support the cause, but cannot justify that!
It's not a futile battle. I have suggested a Canadian group buy for the immediate fix. It would be very easy to set up if a friend from the north would like to stand up and take charge on it.

Originally Posted by danny_d19 View Post
Any response from the SFB people about this? I know for a fact it doesn't cost more than the cost of an envelope and a $1 stamp to mail to Canada from the US, since I mail to the US every day at work.
Sorry for the delay, please see below.

Originally Posted by aod12 View Post

Something about shipping orders being lost en route up north. So the vendor producing the vinyl deals exclusively with the higher shipping cost to ensure those packages make their destination. Another option is to have a group buy or have someone in the states buy then ship to you.
Thank you for the link aod12!

We have had issues with mail getting lost in Canada and Australia. It's tough to just put a stamp on an envelope and send it. No matter how many times we write that USPS 1st class shipping cannot be guaranteed people get upset if they don't get their vinyl and we won't to offer the best guarantee that we can that people will receive their product. We highly recommend higher shipping even in the US for this reason. Then there is a tracking number that USPS is responsible for.

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