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Originally Posted by ICE_NY View Post
kylepreza, do you mind posting more overhead shots of the fairing? I just got my Impreza Sport and I added the Factory Aero blades (like you have) and I'm planning to add the Inno fairing but I have a sunroof and I would like to know the level of interference the Fairing will have with the sunroof.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, I have a sunroof as well. The set up isn't perfect: (apologies for crap weather)

as far as I know the Inno fairing is the only one that fits factory aerobars, so I had little choice.

First off you will need to order the extra long bolts (sold separately from the fairing, but atleast they foresaw this issue) because the side clamps attach to the thicker part of the aerobar (where it attaches to the siderail):

-This issue could probably be solved by buying the small size, but it wouldn't span the width of the roof.

Either way you go, the arms that attach the fairing to the crossbar just aren't long enough to fully clear the sunroof. I have it configured so that when the car isnt moving, the fairing's feet are hovering about a centimeter or so above the glass of the sunroof:

At speed they are resting on the glass, but I've had it set this way for about a month now and there's no smudging or anything. The only functional issue you have with this is opening the sunroof at full speed. Standing still I'm able to open it just fine, and there's no interference at all as far as just raising the back:

Like I said, it's not perfect by any means but it works just fine. The aerobars are quiet enough so that when I'm not hauling my bike every week I can take the rockymounts and fairing off and have a fully unobstructed sunroof. Here's a shot from the inside:
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