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so anyways heres a SMALL but BIG update.......

1. i sent the coilovers out to tein for a rebuild finally. i bought all my brake hardware and new parking brake shoes for the rears so i could get them all back together.

2. i started getting the remaining 2 hubs blasted and ready for paint. after those 2 i will install wheel bearings, seals etc etc and that will wrap up ALL the hubs.

3. heres the ****ty thing that happened to me......well i understand this is an old car BUT i took apart my entire rear end with no issues. well blasted, painted the whole 9 hards. upon reassembly i was re-shimming one of the sides and i put the retainers in. well i theaded all the bolts in as far as they would go by hand. all of them went about 3 quarters of the way. got 4 of the 5 done and torqued to spec..... number 5 comes the second i touch it with a ratchet to start snugging it up. the bolt snaps...... start to drill it and use an easy out.....well that snapped too....FML RIGHT

well these cars have a VLSD and the diff and everything else is fine, the housing is the problem. with a hardened easy out in there i wasent going to even attempt drilling it out. option 2 would be to drill TINY holes around the broken bolt, extract that entire piece out and weld it, drill it, tap it and back to normal but thats a HUGE headache. option 3 was find a whole new diff case.

well after doing some searching a local just totaled his RSTI. well upon talking to him i found out he had a low miles diff in his garage.. turns out its got like 12k on it from an original 01rs. OMFG score........ best part about it.... he understood my pain with this whole car and sold it to me for $50.00 and meet half way(25 minutes).big life saver and honestly i can salvage a good diff and parts and toss my old case. for $50 it was a headache and royal pain in the ass saved.

Old Rear end(both are from an 01) amazing difference

NEW VLSD Rear 4.11

4. tried out a new technique to fixed the age look of the white resovoir plastic... didnt wanna buy new do i made up a old remedy here. pm me if anyone wants to know it. none of these pics are photoshopped. i did the smallest thing possible incase it didnt work i wouldnt have to spend more money on the expensive resovoirs.



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