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Originally Posted by JASWRX
Liquid:Not everyone believes what you think, and I have personally talked people on the phone, and have cleared this issue up with those who have a hard time following what really happened. For whatever reason, you just aren't willing to accept what qrack has done here.

The rack is not the issue here, and has absolutely nothing to do with the promise made to the shop; that the install + parts would be paid during install, NOT AFTER THEY RECEIVED THE RACK, LIKE YOU KEEP SUGGESTING. Then, when trying to get a hold of Qrack after not paying, they did not respond, and therefore they cannot send the rack back, until paid, as agreed upon.

If you don't get that, then you need look up the word promise & agreement, and you will see thet Tibor and Qrack cannot keep their word.

You really think that the shop would agree to do the install for me without getting paid the day of?????

For those of you that still don't believe me, I think you could find out very quickly who is telling the truth. Just think about it... How would one go about proving this.
You still don't get it, and all of us here can see what you continually fail to.

I never said your agreement included waiting for the rack to be sent back. What I said was that any agreement Q-Rack made was on the basis that the first rack was defective. You keep denying this, and it makes you look retarded. No vendor here would agree to cover labor on a part that works.......not going to happen.

You were sent a 2nd rack, which proved that your car has a problem, not the rack. THIS is why Q-Rack should not pay Yimi for labor, and it would be completely unfair for them to pay for Yimi's failure to diagnose your car. do you not get that??

I want you to answer a question for everyone here. IF this new shop fixes your problem, and it turns out to NOT be the rack, would you think it's fair for Q-Rack to foot the bill because Yimi failed? Yes or no, is it fair/right?

If you answer are a tool, and represent everything wrong in society.
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