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Progress! I finished the install of the lift kit and wheel well trimming this weekend and ordered my tires. I was really hoping with trimming that I could go with 30" but the margin just isn't there without doing major work on the rear of the front wheel well so I am going with 29". I wouldn't mind so much if this were a major project but I want to get it buttoned up before the winter so it is available.

The lift I used is the SJR 4" kit designed for a Legacy, the major parts fit without any modification needed and the differences with the Baja were pretty minor. The parts in the kit are all nicely cut, overbuilt, and lined up perfectly. SJR sells these lifts with the caveat that some installer fabrication is needed and it does require some welding. The steering shaft has be to cut in half and lengthened which is the same as you would with the Legacy. The shift linkage on the Baja needed the top shaft shortened, I measured 1/2 inch and cut it 3/8 to be careful and ended up almost perfect. If I was doing it again I would have cut 1/4 inch and maybe ground it down just a hair. The rear bracket that anchors the shift linkage needed to be dropped 2 inches and pushed forward 3/4 so I used a piece of 3/4 x 3 rectangular tubing to build the drop bracket. If you go more than 2 inches you won't have the movement needed to shift due to the size of the opening in the body that the lever is in. The center bearing on the drive shaft is also different than the Legacy, SJR indicates that you flip the bearing 180deg to lower the shaft which wont work on the BAJA because the bearing flange is on the centerline. After over thinking and over engineering a drop down bracket I looked at a neighbor's super duty diesel that has a two part shaft and they used a very lightweight standoff. As it turns out there is almost no stress on this at all. I used longer bolts and 2.5 inch spacers cut from 4130 tubing and it worked perfectly. I am about to drop it at the exhaust shop to have them tuck the exhaust higher up and route it over the subframe for more clearance. So overall if you have a Baja and want to use the SJR lift I would say go for it, gotta post this on scoobytruck too.

Now it towers over Vinnie, can't wait to get the tires on, went with Goodrich Mud TA KM2

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