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Originally Posted by Calamity Jesus View Post
I seriously doubt it, considering how poorly their one and only turbocharged engine went over with the public (remember, this is the company that stopped bringing hatchbacks to the US because the 160hp Si didn't sell).

If they were to do such a thing, though.. the whole sport compact market would get rocked. There are Honda fanboys driving everything but Hondas these days.. because Honda has refused to build a competitive sporting product for 20 years (S2000 excepted).
The next Euro Type R will be getting a 1.6L turbo. Honda is already using it in their BTCC/WTC factory cars. Suppose to be a real nice bit of kit. I doubt it'll come to the US though. Even though the trend is smaller engines supplementing power through turbos, the K24 is already viewed as a "small" engine by US standards. I bet they'll keep it as is. They need to do something though. The K24 isn't cutting it and even by the 8.5 face-lift of the 8th gen civic the Si was lagging behind. Now that Ford has the ST in the US, and the GTi is supposeto get a nice bump up (Power, LSD, etc.) they will lose more and more ground. Thier name can only bring them so far. Unfortuantely that name only applies to it's road cars, as pretty much anyone interested in performance has written Honda off years ago.

I hope they will bring it over, but I'd be surprised if they did. I don't see the point for Honda, as they no longer want to build a performance car.
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