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Originally Posted by stevehnm View Post
When I test drove a '12 Impreza I reset the readout on the freeway and it said I got over 35 mpg at 75 mph (two way average, flat road). I used that information in my decision to buy the car. Little did I know that information was ... incorrect.

It was a little below my old Corolla that was rated (2008 renorming) the same 36 mpg highway, but I figured I could live with it.

Same EPA, same tests, should be the same mpg. Your question of why am I comparing it to another manufacturer's car is puzzling. I am not sure why you don't get that 2 should equal 2 - or in this case 36 should equal 36. 36 does not equal 27.

They say some cars are not actually tested by the EPA, but the EPA just uses numbers submitted by the manufacturer. I would like to know if the Impreza was actually tested by the EPA.
Not all cars are tested by the EPA, but the EPA does certify the tests. Subaru is not gaming the system.

This is from my window sticker, your window sticker was either on the car or given to you when you picked it up.

Bold print is directly quoted off the sticker (5 speed Sport has the lowest Fuel Economy of all of the 2012 Impreza vehicles):

CITY MPG 25 Expected Range for most drivers 20 to 30 MPG

HIGHWAY MPG 33 Expected Range for most drivers 27 to 39 MPG

Combined Fuel Economy This Vehicle 28

Now I can compare that to the window sticker on a 2012 Hyundai Elantra, but it does not tell me anything about what I should expect from my Subaru.

You need to drive slower if you want to achieve the higher numbers on the window sticker.

Experience from the Impreza forum also indicates that if you drive short distances, where the engine does not have a chance to warm up, especially in colder weather, you will be seeing the lower end of the City range.

People seeing 20mpg aren't pleased, but they were not misled. It's on the sticker, as mandated by the EPA, so that you won't be misled.

The window sticker is accurate for this car. You can like or dislike the fact that your driving style does not give you the higher end of the range, but it does not make the EPA numbers wrong for the Impreza.

Looking at the data on Fuelly (not the best, but the best we have), out of 195 cars reporting, the average driver is within 1 mpg of achieving the Combined Fuel Economy as printed on the sticker. Keep in mind this was a new car model, so that number includes lower MPG during break in.

In any case, this is not a warranty issue. You would need a much greater discrepancy before you can file a Class Action Lawsuit against Subaru for misrepresenting the MPG's -- The last one I saw that made it through the courts was this one:
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