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Hey guys, Ali here. Love how everybody is going so fast! Seriously it's pretty cool to see these cars going so quick. I'm working on a Subaru Shootout for the summer but it will most likely have to be here on the west coast, since that's where I can get track support and sponsorship to throw an event like this. Not sure if I'll compete in it, maybe we'll have a contest again and let one of you guys race it?

I don't personally check the forums much, as we're busy making films (with Subaru's in them!) but a few people made me aware of this thread. I think there's some confusion, since I've had a bunch of different Subaru's in the past, here's the truth about my cars.
Street Drag Car : ESX STI #002, 2005 STI, Won two national NHRA year end championships in 2006 and 2007. Maximum Velocity female driver search winner Julie Stepan drove it in 2005 and 2006 and I drove it in 2007. This car also won 18 NHRA first place Wally's and countless IDRC, Battle of the Imports, CMI and NOPI races. It's a full body, 3200+lbs (NHRA weighed us down super heavy every time we won), on radials, full interior, full exhaust, single turbo 4 cyl with NOS and with 4speed auto trans (no trans brake per rules). It has run 8.9's dozens of times since 2007. In the early years (2001-2003/4) we had a lot of engine development but since 2005, everything's been pretty solid and reliable.

Rear Wheel Drive 2005 STI (pictured in this thread): Was a car I had to build in 60 days to be eligible to run the full NHRA season in 2005 and 2006. It was only raced in 1 NHRA race until the all wheel drive Subaru was ready. 4cyl, lenco trans, 8.3 I think in Colorado. This car is now owned by Officer Tom Gibby and his race team. It's gone thru different engine combos, v8's, etc., but I think now it's got a Suby 6 cyl in it. I actually drove it once with the v8 and I think it went 8 something. There's a video of it somewhere online. Keep an eye out for Gibby to see this car in action.

All Wheel Drive Subaru pro car: This was a full tube chassis car with a single turbo 4cyl, with nos for spool up and an auto trans. Car weighed a bit over 2400 lbs with me in it and ready to race. This car ran 7.9 a bunch of times way back in 2006, wow over 6 years ago!! Car was sold do Dbronx (on Nasioc somewhere) and it sports a gold paint job now in Australia.

I hope that clarify's everything and everyone is great! I hope to be able to bring some of the fastest Subaru's in the world to our shootout. UK, Aus, etc. If anyone needs to get a hold of me, please email me at [email protected]. I can reply much faster. I still have the list of people interested in a shootout and will contact you guys when the time is right.

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