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Originally Posted by z View Post
^ yeah, i kind of glazed over the ecutek part...
Yeah i've read through it a couple of times. There's a similar thread (if not the same) on IWSTI where i posted some questions about it but no one could answer.

Even though i knew i was going in a dead end street with this i still wanted to try and learn as much as possible. Nonetheless i can now use learning view aswell which is great for me to see how much the engine knocks ... i was concerned after some logs where it knocked during 3rd and 4th gear WOT redline pulls (-4 degrees correction at 5-6k rpm) So far i only drove the car for about 50km's at not so fast speeds/high boost since the battery disconnect. IAM is back to 1 and showing no learned knock anywhere ... however i am afraid that it will show learned knock correction after i've really "given it the beans" ... not sure as to how i can adress this apart from seeing my tuner.

This was a 3rd gear pull from a few weeks ago where i first saw the knock
check the 5-6k rpm range ... i highlighted the tables. You can also see my stock injectors are nearly maxed out when power is at it's max. From now on i'm keeping a close eye on things.

I really wish i didn't disconnect the battery last weekend ... the day after the cable dropped in the mail but my learned knock correction was all gone.

I'll upload the learning view pic in this post later (still on laptop)

I know it's going a bit offtopic therefore i'll keep my "knock" stories to this post only.
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